Fieldway® FWT-1002 Impact Protuff Plus Glove

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  • SpecxArmor® SPX-1002 provides the certified impact resistance on top of the hand and the full length of the fingers
  • The cut resistance HPPE liner keeps the hands cool during the operations
  • Enhanced patch protection on the palm reduces the hand fatigue and injury
  • Double dip nitrile coating with sandy finish provides protection from oily and liquid surfaces and additional abrasion by increasing control while easing the force required to safely handle items
  • Additional thumb crotch for the highest level of tear protection
  • Hi visible color to increase the safety standards
  • Rigs | Oil & Gas | Refinery | Manufacturing | Mining | Machinery and Equipment | Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Cut Levels A2 – A9| Impact 3 TPR | Winter | Water proofing | Touch screen


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